Why are you throwing away $104,230?

I come across a lot of people who are going to take the PMP “next year”. Many of them have been saying that for close to a decade.

When I ask them why they haven’t done it yet, the excuses start. “I don’t have time…”, “I don’t have the money…”, “It seems really hard…”, “I’m saving up to go to Comic-Con…”

I used to shake my head and laugh. But at the same time, it’s difficult not to be kinda annoyed. I mean, yeah, it’s not that easy to get PMP-certified. But the advantages far outweigh the downsides.

Recently, I found a great way to put this into perspective. Now I ask people – why are you throwing away $104,230?

Most people laugh (nervously) and then ask “Umm… What?”

So I explain that according to research, PMP-certified PM’s earn 14.5% more per year than a PM without the PMP.

Which means that a PMP-certified PM makes $10,423 more a year than an uncertified PM (the same calculation works if you’re not in the US).

According to my research, the average time that people spend as a PMP-certified PM is 10 years. That means that you lose $104,230 by not being PMP-certified.

That’s crazy! Want to know why?